Xero VS Quickbooks – Which One is The Best Cloud Accounting Program

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The accounting software market has been dominated by intuit, in some source, it has been estimated that the company shares over 80% market in North America, especially for small business. QuickBooks is an ancient popular among businessmen, it is known for its reliability, but the development of the software industry is changing rapidly and always presenting a new competitor, recent years Xero is beginning to join this competition and willing to break the domination of Quickbooks.

Which One Is Better?

The competition of these two brands has been dominating for the past few years, offering a couple of benefits and easiness, this article wouldn’t drag you to choose one of them, since there’s a plenty option exist out there, considering QuickBooks remains the most popular and serve over 1,390,000 customers, but apparently Xero has done a great job to throw down the gauntlet.

Luckily, these two brands, Xero vs Quickbooks is cloud based. And both of them also develop a mobile application and it can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store, not to mention Quickbooks also provide the App for Windows and Apple Mac computer version, so, it seems that Xero will be a tough rival, and the comparison down bellow will help you to decide, which one is matched to your business needs.

Xero and Quickbooks Comparison

1. Invoice

If you need a feature that’s so easy to use and allow you to send a professional invoice to your client or customers, Both of them seem to provide this basic program for the customer, since most of you probably prefer cloud accounting programs for this reason. It seems that these brands are doing a tremendous job to satisfy the business world, so, the two of them will not let you down when you decide to use both brands.

2. Merchant Service

I will hand down to Quickbooks about this, this brand would offer you a capability to attach a direct payment link to the invoice so the clients could pay their bills instantly by either credit card or electronic check in the U.S.A, you may now start having a preference to choose between two of them.

On the other hand, Xero won’t offer you this kind of thing, instead gives you an option to work with another provider that possibly slightly better than Quickbooks its self, but you’ve got to search which one is good and it could be hassle doing it while you have a lot of things to deal with, but once again Xero could be on the head.

3. User & permission

Xero for this time, win in this kind of feature in the battle of Xero vs Quickbooks, Xero gives a little bit slack in term of the user, which mean unlimited. While Quickbooks seems to allow you to use for two or three others, but it all depends on your plan actually.

4. Price

Xero vs Quickbooks, it’s kinda hard to choose who’s on the head, since each of them has its own beneficial offers, for example, Xero will beat Quickbooks on the high-end product while its competitors take control the low-end segment.

5. Ease of use

Xero is totally easy to operate even for a beginner, so, in ease of use will place the new competitor on the top, because the layout is so friendly displayed, not to mention that the navigation is very efficient, your basic knowledge is enough to get Xero well operated.

Negative Complaints

Nothing’s perfect, means that two of these companies also receive some complaints from the clients they have, Xero vs Quickbooks may receive a different number of the client’s complaint, since Xero’s user only a half of Quickbooks users, Xero’s complaints are limited mobile support, and also the customer service takes such a long time to respond an email, and some program doesn’t include a full range of feature.

Quickbooks on the other hand, the problem of conversion from the locally installed version is one of the issues that clients get, losing of data, lack of customer services and the function is sometimes reduced always be the main complaints, but of course a lot of comments are also being received over time.

Positive Testimonies

For Xero, generally people get satisfied with its ease of use, well displayed of layout, a nice appearance, and also the schedule is frequently updated by the company.

Quickbooks is the ancient one and has a lifetime experience to service its client, having a solid, good cloud accounting program, holding to a proper accounting principle, simply said, Quickbooks know what he does.

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