What Can I Do with Business Administration Degree

What Can I Do with Business Administration Degree?

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What can I do with business administration degree? This is a common question asked as one will graduate from high school and continues into college. Many people think of taking a business degree. Amongst them, business administration is a very popular option. Unlike the other business degrees those directly channeled to the predetermined career paths such as accounting, the business administration is quite a flexible option. It provides general skills required by a wide range of careers in business. This means that there will be more job options waiting to be discovered.

A Career Path for Business Administration Graduate

Business administration is focused on the skills necessary for management as well as operational of business. The things taught in this major are crucial things that can be applied to almost any industry of the business world. For someone with a business administration degree, the door is opened for multiple possibilities. When you graduate with this degree, you will be able to apply for jobs in healthcare management, financial management, advertising management, human resources and more. The opportunities of business administration career will come from various fields. It can come from an insurance company, hospital, car dealer or others.

The Probable Salaries for the Business Administration Jobs

As you become interested in building a career with this particular degree, you may want to know the possible earning. Measuring what can be expected from the salary of business administration can be difficult. This degree opens the door to many possibilities with varying levels of demand and supply. In general, the higher the degree you had, the higher your earning will be. The potential business administration jobs’ salary of a bachelor’s degree in business administration adds around $2,000 to $5,000 or more every year. If you have MB, you can add another $7,000 to $11,000 in your potential salary.

Business Administration Jobs List for Consideration

What can I do with business administration degree? Well, you have a lot of things you can do as you will have plenty opportunities. The followings are just a few examples of what you can do with your business administration degree.

  • Accountant – Although that you don’t take accounting degree, you can be an accountant. Accountants will be needed everywhere money is involved. Schools, hospitals, companies and more will need reliable accountants.
  • Financial Officer – Handling the finance of a company and the things related to finance become the responsibility for those who work in this field. The financial officers will make financial reports; develop plans and strategies and also direct activities related to investment. Anything related to finance will be handled by the financial officers.
  • Human Resources Manager – The manager of this department will need to take care of the administrative functions of a company. The manager will oversee recruitments, interviewing job applicants as well as getting involved in the decision to hire new employees. The tasks are not finished yet as the HR manager will also get involved in consulting the strategic plan with the other executives of the company. The manager will also be the liaison between employees and the company’s management. There are also other specific duties. Due to the many duties, HR manager can be a difficult job to be handled.
  • Marketing Research Analyst – An analyst is a job that will study the market conditions and then determine the sales potential for a company. Monitoring and then forecasting trends in sales become one of the tasks to be done in this position.
  • Sales Manager – This job will have you to oversee the sales team of a company or an organization. There will be goals being set. Analyzing data as well as developing training programs for the sales representatives will be the tasks of the sales manager. The sales department in a company will also need to deal with customer complaints, approving expenditures, preparing budget and more.
  • Chief Executive Officer – This position is a high position and in order to rise to this position, master degree of business administration becomes a necessity. The duties that must be done by a CEO are varied per company. In general, the CEO will be responsible for devising strategies as well as policies in order to make sure that a company will meet its goals. A CEO will oversee the company activities and carries a lot of responsibilities.

What about the Competition of the Jobs?

What Can I Do with Business Administration Degree

Business administration degree is a popular option because of the things mentioned earlier. It’s a degree that will open a path with plenty of opportunities. And it’s a natural thing that a lot of people have an interest in it. And thus the competition to get jobs becomes tougher. That being said, the job fields are expanding and more demands can be found. The Business administration jobs list is long, but the demand for a business administration graduates will be varied in every region.

As the competition for jobs becomes tougher, you need to be more focused and be more competitive. In order to become more competitive, more educations and credentials are needed. Right now, employers are looking for the candidates with the DBA as well as certifications because business has become fast-speed and more global. Aside from the higher education, technology also plays a role. Therefore, the more knowledge, as well as experience in using software and computer, will make you fare better as you find a job.

There are two things that may help you further in finding a job. The first one is about foreign language. Don’t get confined by English and try to learn other languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese and others. Try to find the language that will benefit you in your career and learn about it. The second one is about IT. As aforementioned, technology is crucial. Therefore, taking computer science and IT classes will be beneficial. Learn how to use different software. The more software you mastered, the better it will be. What can I do with business administration degree? There are many possibilities and you can be a success too.

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