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How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business – A Complete Guide

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Worcesterpresby – For all the variety of businesses in the market, a cleaning business is maybe the one that you didn’t expect to be growing quite rapidly with fast money rotation. The business is no longer applied to low hand work anymore, providing a cleaning service for day to day maid and janitor service in office are well supported by good management and run by people who are experienced and have a degree, especially for the well known cleaning business. The cleaning business itself is not only about sending people who are willing to do a low job as cleaning the office and let her / him do the work. It requires the training on how to practically operate the tools, how to build professionalism, and be truthful and trusted by the consumers. It requires either finding the right person, or providing the training session for candidates before them off to first day at work. All at once, how to start your own cleaning business? We will try to share with you a few tips.

Joining Franchise or Work on Your Own?

When you first enter the game, you should know where it is safe for you to start. When this cleaning business is new for you, it would probably better for you to learn things first by joining franchise business. By joining a franchise, you trademark the brand that was growing long before you. The advantages are people might already know the brand before (the good and the bad), you have a guideline and strict rules to follow (this helps people who don’t know how to run the business at the very first place), you are aware of the divided benefits and you don’t have to start from the very beginning and invest big saving.

While the franchise is perfect for starting with less experienced basis, managing your own business would guarantee you to be flexible of your own brand and working hours. You build the business with your own hands, requires you to put some finance on it to register the business, manage the license and permits, an also managing the tax. It is not the one person business, we may say. So choose well and know where you are going forward, it will help you to start with a franchise and once you are confident enough, you can learn how to start your own cleaning business.

Choose Your Field of Cleaning

How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Either you choose to make your business into commercial or consumers, both are okay as long as you focused on the specific field you pick. It is not really suggested to run both at the same time in the first phase. Minding one field has been already hard, let alone the two fields of businesses all at once. We do not undermine your commitment, rather on the resources and the continuity of the business.

The commercial field of cleaning business is the one related to company, providing the janitor service, housekeeping in hotel and cleaning the glass window. This service covers more services than the cleaning service in the consumer field. While the consumers field is primarily about the residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, laundry, and many more household and house based cleaning. Choosing one will help you to focus on which business you want to do. Being focused means that the main activity, brand, management and marketing would also be more specific. Second phase on how to start your own cleaning business relies on the focusing the market

Trust and Honesty

What does it take for you to run this business? As we already mentioned on the first steps on how to start your own cleaning business that training for the people who will be the cleaning service and janitors in your business. You need to make sure to your clients that those janitors and cleaning service are trusted and honest about their work. The problem that occurs in the cleaning business from back in the day of our history, maids are fired because allegedly stealing from the master. People cannot get over that perception that those who are working in a lower sector tend to steal your precious property like jewelry or money. Against all odd, the training for janitors, maids, and housekeepers is essentially needed.

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