How To Buy UPC Codes To Improve Products Credibility

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Many of you have noticed a strange 12 digit number bellow a barcodes product, it’s called Universal Product Codes, UPC numbers are accorded by GS1 U.S.A, it’s a nonprofit International Organization. The use of this standard is also gaining in health system across the world, so, it’s a common thing or even become an obligation for companies to administer this sort of standardization, all you have to do to buy UPC codes is to sign up GS1 US and get the codes.

Companies normally need a different UPC code for every product they sell, even though it’s just a difference in size, so companies would like to attach more code number issued by GS1, so each product could be identified. Any Universal Product Codes could be used to create a specific code that could be printed and add it to products, usually, it’s fused to the design of the product, so it gets easier to recognize at the register.

GS1 US will charge fees for membership start from $250, additional annual fees will also be charged for renewing your membership around $50, the unique number of codes that’s attached to your product is taken into account of how much fees you should pay. Each person can sign up by filling up the form online at There’s an option that’s worth to consider is that is a fact, companies such as is reselling a UPC codes less than $100.

Considering that it’s a resell, you will have a code that has already been used by another company, means that the codes you get is not your own unique one, but,getting UPC codes in this way is a good option if you plan to run a small business online which may be lack of capital strength, but it will be a bad decision if want to sell your product through big retailers, for those who want to go further may want to see how to buy UPC codes from GS1, so here’s the deal

How To deal with UPC Codes,

  1. First of all, you have to enroll for membership and obtain a GSI1 Company prefix, the prefix you have is a unique code of digit selected for your company, it will identify you as a producer across the whole product supply. The digit codes of company prefix you get to identify a manufacturer, are depending on the number of products, so it’s a variation between six or ten characters, a small enterprise would receive a ten digit number to recognize a single product. The membership fees would be based on the number of goods that need an identification, gladly said, news on the street says that GS1 reduces its price.
  2. Once you pose your company prefix, you are able to choose which unique digit number you want to add to your product the company prefix you have can determine how many digit number you can select the item. The GS1 is taking into account of how many products expected on marketing plans as you sign up for company prefix, an enterprise that sells various items will be given a shorter prefix, while those that sell less product will obtain a longer number.
  3. After you managed your Universal Product Codes from the company, now, you have to choose how to get the Univeral Product Code barcode on your items, in case you haven’t design your package to wrap your goods, it’s necessary to have a digital barcode which can be added to your label. You can put the barcode label into use on each product if you have a label printed on the product. Either you have your packaging printed or not, it’s better to how to deal with these two possibilities.

Packaging Printed

To get a proper duplicate while printing, it demands higher precision code artwork, in order to carry out this task with a great level accuracy, the file need to be provided in a vector based, encapsulated postscript file format, and GS1 would generously give you an application to complete this task for $10/ barcode and your desire to generate and download or emailing high accurate graphic.

Packaging Hasn’t Been Printed Yet could help you for labeling a bar code and it’s able to give an aids a wide range of bar coding needs, pre-printed labels can be generated in a day and small number labels are available in sixteen stock size.

Dealing with this such a thing might be struggling for some beginners who want to improve their product credibility, but buy UPC codes are indeed an important thing to do, especially for businessmen.

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