5 Best Checking Account Offers & Promotions

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The mobility of each person is so high there’s a lot of things often urgently have to solve, especially in the matter of money, consequently, Most of you probably have a checking account to ease your transaction nowadays, whether is to pay a bill or simply just to facilitate your employer to transfer your salary. For that reason, you might look for the best checking account promotion to reduce the burden, for instance, maintenance fees or the deposit that might be expensive to afford.

Gladly said, to fish out or attract the clients some Banks generously provide the best service for their clients, so that people won’t hesitate to open it one, not only that, saving account is also essential particularly for those who want to grow up their treasure to buy a car or house they dream, if you look for that such a thing, this article would be the best reference to give you a glimpse which one has the best checking account offers.

Top Banks Account Promotions

1. Discover Bank’s Online Saving account

This Bank account offers a couple of the benefits that could make you more convenient, for example, a hundred dollars additional is equipped with the interest approximately 0.96 % Annual percentage yield, and it’s definitely one of the highest rates online, to draw this $100 bonus, you need to sign up through HustlerMoneyBlog by May 31st 2017 and then set up an initial deposit of $15.000 by June 15th2017.

Much the same with any online Bank, Discover is capable of avoiding an overhead cost. In this way saving money could offer you a higher saving rate, FDC insured up to $250K you can gain over 5X the National saving average with a low $500 minimum deposit, and of course no maintenance fees,

2. CIT Bank

This Bank is on the list for a reason, you will get a bonus up to $200 cash, once you open a new High Yield Saving Account at CIT Bank at 4/28/2017, to get your $100 bonus, you have to make an initial deposit of $15.000 and also consistently maintain an average monthly balance of $15.000 for three months statement cycles. Reach the deposit at least $150.000 and maintain it for 3 monthly statement cycles and you’ll obtain your $200 bonus.

3. Chase Premier Plus Checking

The offers from this Bank will get you over $300 bonus once you sign up a new account and make an initial deposit, dissimilar other chase Credit slip, you directly apply it online. This checking account proposes a lot of benefits, for instance, online transactions, free account alert, easy to use a mobile banking, not to mention free debit card and you’ll be allowed to access over 15.000 Chase Automatic teller machine and more than five thousand branches.
The combination of chase total saving and chase saving can gross a $200 bonus Once you sign up a new chase checking account and make a direct deposit and $150 bonus on saving the account. A total deposit of $10.000 or more within ten days, carry on the balance at least $10.000in 3 months, the best checking account offers, you can get is to access a premium product like ChaseQuickDeposit.

4. Hutington Bank

The best thing you can get from this bank is giving you a $200 bonus once you open 5 Hutington accounts and set up a deposit at least $1.000 into your checking account within 60 days, you will find your $200 bonus deposited into your new checking account within 2 weeks meeting the requirement.

The benefit you can take an advantage is that receiving $150 by opening the asterisk-free checking account and set up a $1.000 deposit within 2 months of account opening, this account won’t charge you maintenance fee, monthly debit card, minimum balance fees.

5. TD Bank Premier Checking

One of the best checking account offers is giving a bonus to those who open a new checking account, just like TD Bank Premier Checking does, it will benefit you a $300, apart from that, you also get a free access to over a thousand of ATMs, online banking, free account alert, mobile banking and online pay bill once you set up direct deposit.
TD Bank Convenience Checking will also give you $150 once you apply a new checking account and make a direct deposit into it, you will receive a free online notice, free statement with check image.

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