Best Website Builder for Small Business

10 Best Website Builder for Small Business

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It is important to choose the best website builder for small business in order to get good position in the competition with the other online small businesses. Yes, the modern technology of digital today pushes all types business to have virtual address on the internet. It will ease their potential customers to access their business and then making some transactions. That is why every big brand must have their own websites to provide information or even making business through the virtual world. It is also important to do by the small businesses.

For those who have small business, having the footprints online may become a great idea to improve your profits. It is also very easy to make your own website, it will not demand you to spend great sum of money to hire professional website developers. Just use a website builder that can guide you creating websites in only some simple steps. The website builders provide templates, domain name, SEO tools, and many other features that enable you to build the website without any difficulty.

Find one of the website builders below and choose the best website builder for small business that is being run by you now.


It is one of the top website builders recently. It provides over 10,000 templates that can be used for any purposes in the website building process, including making business portfolios, blogs, websites for ecommerce, as well as the official websites. For those who plan to make mobile friendly websites and also featured by free tools for SEO, you can get them all in this website builder. Besides, WebsiteBuilder also offers a great library of images that enables you to use more than 100 images without paying any cost. You also can get many other useful features including the customized domains, secure, reliable and free hosting, and also the integration to the social media.


Wix is a website builder that has been used by more than 73 million users from 180 different countries. It can become a great idea for those who want to make a solid website for a small business, regardless about the website type and the business industry. It provides more than 500 free templates that are all designer made. Just choose any templates that are best for your website and use it as easy as by dragging and dropping.

Furthermore, this website builder is also guaranteed that the websites will be mobile-friendly. You also can feature kinds of images and videos as the backgrounds, because Wix provides up to 40+ capacities in the gallery. Another great feature of the builder is the SEO support, smooth integration of social media, 24/7 support and business tools in the large host.


Shopify also belongs to the best website builder software for small online businesses. It provides more than 100 professional themes to choose. The easy access to CSS and HTML will ease you customizing the online store. Hire an expert to handle this job if you think that you are not good enough in the operation. By using Shopify, you will get a guarantee of a mobile-friendly website, customizable storefront and SEO optimized. Also enjoy the other features including 70 payment gateways, 99.9% uptime, multi-language support, 24/7 monitor, and many more.


Squarespace makes sure that you will have amazing websites for online small business. The pages offered are unlimited, including the galleries, blogs and bandwidth, contributors and storage. The websites will also be compatible to mobile phone, having strong metrics and get the free customized domains cost. Besides, also get the free professional Gmail, Google Apps, Google AdWords credit as much as USD $100, fully integrated platform of ecommerce that enables you to make up to 35 products sales and customer support every time.


This is one of best website builder for small business in India, which comes with each feature needed to build a website. For every industry, more than 100 templates are available to use. Build your website easily by simply drag and drop the templates. Besides, the website will be also google-friendly and also compatible to mobile phone, as well as custom domains. Also enjoy the other features including Google Analytics support, great library of images, credible hosting, 24/7 customer support and integration of social media.


Bigcommerce is a website builder that provides large gallery and user-friendly themes. You can build a website in some minutes with this builder and customize them easily with the Style Editor feature. Enjoy the blogging platform, responsive website, SEO and marketing assistance, newest ecommerce analytics, flexible management, etc.


It has been used by more than 30 million users in all over the world. it will be always easy to make website with it for the customizable themes and also the drag and drop feature. The website you build will be compatible to mobile devices, and the online store will get good hosting. Besides, also get the features such as big apps gallery, email address, personalized domain, premium live support and blogging tools.


Volusion is one of the best website builder for small business that provides ecommerce software with full hosting so you can generate over $21 sales with it. Besides, the software is also well equipped with professional service of marketing and design, powerful,a and affordable. Also get the amazing business tools and all time customer support. You can use credit card data securely for the PCI compliant.


Enjoy all design tools to build amazing websites with Imcreator. Control the images extendedly with the builder and also website template. Besides, add some effects, animations, professional fonts and icon, slideshows, galleries, blog, and many more.


Webs enables you to make awesome website with professional look and striking photos. It is also SEO compatible, social media integration, blogging support, customized domain, maps, calendars, video storage in high quality, etc.

Those are the top 10 website builders that can be used as the software to build websites for free. Make the website for your small business so it can be always exist on the internet, easy to access by potential customers and support your business development well.

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